Comcast and Synnex Equals Added Value

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Comcast and Synnex Equals Added Value


I hear all the time how Agents don't "Add Value". Curiously, they never explain what that "added value" is supposed to be. Agents get paid to sell your stuff, isn't that value enough?

Even more curious, carriers think VARs will add value - again without expressing what that value will be. What value can you add to a dumb pipe?

Well, Comcast Business Adds SYNNEX Corporation to Channel Partner Program as First Distributor Master Agent. My very first thought: being distributed by a VAD is not a value add; it's a volume add (in theory).

We have seen TWC team with Ingram; XO and Microcorp team with Tech Data; and yadda yadda. I have not seen a press release that says these team-ups work. Maybe it is like Marvel Team-up where the two heroes meet but fight each other before they realize that the enemy is in the shadows.

One extra note: the VADs are becoming the Master Agencies that the carriers are turning to now. Traditional Master Agencies will have to figure out how to carve out a piece of the landscape. And soon.

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