Where is Dan Morford?

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Where is Dan Morford?

For those agents out there that attend ACC Business training at Channel Partners Expo over the years, you will notice that Dan Morford is missing this year. ACC Business let him go during their layoffs in December. The good news is that MicroCorp hired Dan Morford as Product Manager of their Insite Inventory software application. As product manager, Mr. Morford will be responsible for managing the pre-sales and post-sales support of the Insite application. In addition, he will help drive all product enhancements and work directly with MicroCorp's application development staff.

"I'm very enthusiastic about the opportunity to join an entrepreneurial company that has bold plans to provide value-added tools to their agents, VARs and end customers. I've known MicroCorp for years and have always admired their integrity and progressive nature. I am truly excited to be a part of the MicroCorp team and look forward to contributing to the success of the company," states Mr. Morford.

That means that Microcorp is putting some muscle behind this differentiating app in 2009. It's one more tool for Microcorp agents to use to get in doors and to upsell the base.

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