An Excel-lent SUTUS Bundle for SMB's

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An Excel-lent SUTUS Bundle for SMB's

SUTUS, the maker's of the Business Central 200 office-in-a-box, have announced inter-operability with Excel SIP Trunking.  The real news for the marketplace is that Excel and SUTUS (along with Polycom) are bundling a system for small business.

The Business Central 200 is developed specifically for businesses of up to 25 employees, Sutus Business Centralâ„¢ comprises a wide array of advanced telephony, data and networking functions. It includes a business-class phone system, file server, email server, router, firewall, wireless access point, VPN remote access server, and automated backups. It has the ability to simultaneously support both standard phone line and VoIP connections and comes with an array of business productivity features. Now VARs can get the office-in-a-box at almost no cost with a SIP bundle from Excel.

The interoperability allows resellers to provide their small business customers with a guaranteed low cost, reliable and full-featured IT and telephony bundle that is unmatched in the market.  It also allows the channel to better service small businesses due to the Business Central's advanced built-in remote support features. Tech support that would previously have required a truck roll can now be handled remotely by basic support staff.

Steve Weltner, Director Product Development at Excel, is excited about Excel's new SIPpbx Equipment Upgrade Program. He comments, "affordability is a non-factor as the device ends up being virtually free."

"With economic tough times facing everyone there has never been a time where pricing and simplicity have been more important," said Shawn Chute Executive Vice President of Sutus, "Excel and Sutus have come together to deliver on both these fronts, providing the small business customer and the channel that services them with an affordable, comprehensive and straight forward communications and IT bundle. One price, one solution, one contact point, we have made it as simple as it can be to subscribe to a fully integrated solution."

For resellers interested in this Sutus Excel program please contact Sutus at or 778-371-5286. You may also contact Steve Weltner Director of Marketing at Excel at 972-910-1763.

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