Data Center Rumors

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Data Center Rumors

In case you didn't hear Oracle bought Sun. Open Source folks are worried and so are Sun customers.

Nuvox opened a new 5,000 square foot data center at 421 West Church Street in Jacksonville FL, which is THE telecom hotel in that city.

Rackspace hired Robert Scoble.

Data Vault in Miami was flooded last night according to a telecom source in South Florida. Fiber is opening a new data center in Nashville. It was announced yet but I ended up with a spec sheet in my email -- not from the company though.
This is the second data center that I have heard of being built in Nashville (I can't remember who the other is).

DataSite in Orlando signed a 15-rack first client in February. It was opened just after Progress Energy raised power rates by more than a third.

According to Jeff Hinkle at Atlanta NAP, most of the transactions are medium sized businesses and larger looking for rack space.

I am told that Terramark is doing well selling virtualization. WBS Connect is launching a virtualization service soon.

Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Managed Servers, Collocation, and Dedicated Servers are all the rage because the workforce is mobile (or distributed as in virtual office and tele-workers) and businesses have to do more with less staff - so outsource, SAAS, hosted email, hosted apps, and managed services to  leverage available skills.

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