Why Security Will Be Priority 1

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Why Security Will Be Priority 1

As I skim the Verizon Business 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF) to find that "295 million records were compromised and there were 90 confirmed breaches last year", I think where is the security? The Intrusion Detection Systems, the firewalls, the vigilant admins. Oh, wait, most companies don't have that. What else is missing? A Password Policy and a skilled technician who doesn't use the default settings for gear.

I'm generalizing of course, but there wouldn't be so many breaches if systems, policies, and security was intact. Mind you, this is reported breaches; some known breaches do not get reported and probably a good many breaches are undetected.

As we move to cloud computing, virtualization, SAAS, Web 2.0 and other examples of applications and corresponding data located on an Internet connected server, security will become paramount. It will be too costly to lose data.

Mind you, it's not 16 year old hackers who are the issue. It's organized crime cartels internationally who make billions off stolen data. Yes, Billions.

Managed security services are available. Almost every telco and ISP sell some - from managed firewall to IDS to managed router. My recent experience with a managed AT&T router tells me that perhaps that's not the way to go, but certainly there are MSP's who specialize in network monitoring.

Another idea would be to sell MPLS in place of IP-VPN or Internet based VPN. Yes it costs more, but isn't the peace of mind worth it?

Businesses that accept credit cards also have to worry about security due to liability and punishment. The credit card companies have established guidelines for PCI Data Security.

As a business, if there is a breach, you will be fined, your reputation tarnished and you will be left holding the bag for damages as well. Ask TJX.

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