Level3 Needs Your Help

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Level3 Needs Your Help

"Level3 is expanding is expanding its operations in key local markets throughout the United States. These actions are designed to provide a world class customer experience for mid-market business customers in these markets. Level 3 is launching the first phase of this initiative in the Nashville, Seattle and Washington, D.C., areas, as well as upstate New York (Buffalo, Syracuse and Rome/Utica) and Colorado (Denver, northern Colorado and Colorado Springs)." [press release]

Level3 has gone back to the Type II CLEC strategy of offering service to everyone they can touch via their own network and UNE / Special Access from the ILEC. It is pouring personnel into these markets to take on as much revenue as fast as it can. Under that plan, L3 is having face-to-face meetings with its Channel Partners.

Please join the Level 3 team at a special Partner briefing and Open House event in Buffalo, Denver, Nashville, Seattle or Washington, DC, and see why it has never been easier to link globally and connect locally. Following the briefing will be a reception where cocktails and hors d'ouvres will be provided. RSVP to your channel manager for one of the following events in your local area (2 PM local start time):

Washington, DC - May 13th
Denver - May 15th
Nashville - May 20th
Seattle - June 3rd
Buffalo - June 5th

Now's the time for agents to take advantage of the push in each market. Pricing and spiffs are aligned for this market push. Here's hoping this is the turn around point for L3.

This expansion by L3 comes after XO expanded in RDU and Charlotte markets last month.

In another pr, Level3 financing news.

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