Wouldn't Eminent Domain Work?

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Wouldn't Eminent Domain Work?

BellSouth and Cox fought Lafayette (LA) over the municipal fiber project (LUS) to the  tune of $500,000 in legal fees. Who do you think paid those fees? Taxpayers and consumers.

Then there's the Embarq, TimeWarner Cable fight over the Wilson (NC) municipal fiber project called Greenlight. It was a $28M project. Not for nothing, but couldn't TWC or Embarq have ponied up that cash and delivered FTTH instead of battling it in the legal system?
So when the Duopoly doesn't deliver broadband and the government takes matters into its own hands, they get sued. Why? The duopoly can't compete with a government-owned ISP. Instead, they lobby heavy, get the lawyers involved, and start spreading the cash to have laws made that prevent Americans from getting reasonably priced super-fast Internet Access.

Now, the Duopoly spends millions - literally, hundreds of millions - lobbying and contributing to politicians each year. Why not take that money and build FTTH instead? 

I have another suggestion:  Eminent domainEminent domain seems to work for cities that want to take over waterfront property for developers. How is having a network that you won't upgrade and deliver your promises on any different? When the Duopoly sues a city over a Muni Broadband project, why can't the city just counter-sue under eminent domain and take the network assets over?

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