Nice Folks at FusionTel

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Nice Folks at FusionTel

Lots of parties last week at Channel Partners Expo. It seems like it is almost 2003 again. So back to the Delano we went with FusionTel. FusionTel wanted to make a splash by having a party at the Delano. It worked about 60 people showed up at 4:30 to have a few drinks and chat.

I got to start a conversation with their President, but we didn't get to finish it. I did get to chat with Stacy Conrad, Senior Director of Partner Sales, about agents selling their Hosted VoIP service. The latest story is about an agent who sold their service.

The vertical was Healthcare. Fusion was sold because the customer, who is based in Massachusetts, was opening a new site in California and needed the combo pack - phones and Internet service. The agent presented the customer with the concept of trying Hosted VoIP instead of buying the traditional phone service and on-premise PBX. 

The value proposition that FusionTel presents is lower up front cost (CAPEX) as well as enhanced features. But the sales trigger was likely the ability for the receptionist in Mass. to also answer calls for Cali. and transfer calls for free via extension dialing. This freed the company from needing a receptionist in CA. 

"We differentiated ourselves by our expertise, our professional on site installation, and our competitive pricing," Stacy Conrad remarked.

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