Off to the Phoenician

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Off to the Phoenician


I am at the Broadsoft Connections event with 775 other folks piled into the Phoenician. Gorgeous hotel set at the foot of the mountains in Phoenix. Staff is nice and the suite is sweet.

I'm speaking tomorrow on a panel with Bell Canada, RoutIT, and KPN. The topic is how to build and market a profitable UC bundle. It's funny because my panel is in the customer retention market (ILEC's) and much of the audience is in the customer acquisition game.

Folks from  PBX-Change, Nuvox, Paetec, Callis, Simple Signal, Telovations, Cypress Communications and Digitel (of Atlanta) are in attendance. Lots of partners too. Polycom is here in force - over 30 people. Cisco, Aastra, Audio Codes, NEXTUSA and ADTRAN are just a few other the partners I met tonight.


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