PBX Box Pushing

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PBX Box Pushing

All the talk about Hosted VoIP being on the rise, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, Paetec is on LinkedIn "hiring PBX (Telephone Equipment) Sales Reps for our Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis Offices." For the Allworx product line, I would imagine.

KeaneTel, a Master Agency, is advertising Training on ShoreTel IP PBX Sales. "This is the first of four Training Webinars on ShoreTel by KeaneTel."

All the talk about Hosted PBX and yet premise based PBX sales still seem to be doing alright.

Could be all the FUD. Could be the weekly outages. (Yesterday, it was reported on listservs that Level3 and Cogent had an outage. Level3's outage in Atlanta seemed to even affect VoIP.)

Outages seem to get a lot more press today, but if people are in The Cloud for apps, email, VoIP, data, etc. AND the Internet Access is down, well, you have to consider that. Redundant links - for everyone including the user.

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