Personal Branding for Agents

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Personal Branding for Agents

I'm in Atlanta at the Microcorp event to moderate a round table for agents centered around sales and marketing. The title is Personal Branding. How do you promote your personal brand? 

When selling replacement commodity items, your brand may not be that important. However, when using the Consultative Sales approach or looking for the sweet spot in the role of Trusted Advisor, it is about your knowledge, skills, and reputation. In a nutshell, that is your brand.

A brand is the 1K of space in a prospect's memory that contains everything they know or fell about you or your company or your service. In many cases, that 1K is empty because they have no idea who you are. (What would they find if they Googled you?)

Your brand online is a summation of what the search engines contain about you (or your company). 

There are many places today to build a brand online: your website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube and a host of other platforms. You see, before you had to take out an ad or a billboard; today, that ad or billboard can be online in the 21st century printing press of the Web and its publishing platforms (social networks). The whole revolution that we see online today is due to tools, software platforms, and user interfaces that created what is referred to as Web 2.0. Web 2.0 allowed for User Generated Content (UGC) by making it very easy for a consumer to add content / comments / thoughts to various websites, like TripAdvisor, Amazon, BizRate and others. 

That was the genius of Web 2.0. Social networks just took that a step further. But all of this means that it is easy for people to comment on your service or business. It's also easy for you to tell your story. 

Personal Branding starts with you telling your target audience the story of what you can do for them. How can you help their business get productive or efficient? How can you help them communicate to their customer better? Tell those stories. And you have a host of platforms to tell them on. Get started!

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