Mainly Cellular News Tidbits

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Mainly Cellular News Tidbits

American Tower is buying 196 Towers from Cincinnati Bell (CellNews)-- Outsourcing of Network Infrastructure continues.

Mobile Backhaul Equipment Market to Jump 60% in 2009 to $5.9 Billion (CellNews) Qwest and cable companies are all over fiber backhaul from cell towers. More smartphones means more bandwidth needed from each cell site - and NxT1 won't cut it. Using wireless backhaul won't either as the big boys don't want to use Unlicensed nor use up their precious paid-for spectrum on backhaul.

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Overtakes Contract Deals, according to CellNews. Boost Mobile all-you-can-eat-text-web-talk-for-$50 is not good for T-Mobile or VZW. Ma Bell still leaning heavily on iPhone. When exclusivity ends, they will be in big trouble if they don't fix things now - and suing VZW over ads isn't going to help fix what ails you, especially when you lose the first court battle. No injunction granted, because "ATT doesn't argue that the maps are incorrect in terms of showing its 3G coverage. But it says that Verizon is misleading customers by implying that they cannot use their phones or access the mobile Web when they aren't in 3G coverage areas. The reality is that customers can make phone calls and access the Internet from their phones using the company's slower EDGE or GPR networks."

Key investor is opposed to Sprint purchasing the thorn in the side affiliate, iPCS.

Unions push to organize T-Mobile USA employees, according to FierceWireless. That's funny because the old SNET company union workers can't get Ma Bell execs to talk to them. And this isn't a time in American economic history to be a worker looking to unionize. You should be helping your company stay afloat so you still have a job -- and your pensions aren't wiped out when your former company files Bankruptcy. Foolish greed.

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