Onboarding a VoIP Customer

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Onboarding a VoIP Customer

AT&T cancelled their CallVantage service. It will go dark on Nov. 20th. The porting process is probably the most painful part of changing service. If you are a licensed CLEC, it is a little easier. If you are a VoIP Provider relying on another carrier to LNP for you, you have to set expectations for the porting. And by that I don't mean blow smoke up my tush by telling me it could take 45-60 days. Sure that can happen, but I haven't seen that time frame in a while.

One of my clients who took over my VZ number ported it in 3 days. Bang! Done! And that's against VZ, one of the worst possible feet dragging, no-one-home LEC's. 

Do you know what On-boarding is? Personnel departments use the term to mean when you bring on a new employee. The process involves getting them email addresses, ID's, parking, a desk, badge, orientation, training, benefits, etc. Most larger corporations have a written procedure in place for on-boarding. Why is it important? Because the first impression the new hire gets is day 1. All to often Day 1 is a mess for the new hire. No desk. No computer. No contact or introductions. Welcome aboard!

Is that what you do to your customers? Because the on-boarding of a new customer is very important too. It's their first impression of your company's ability to provide service. Imagine how that feels when the customer gets no status update for a month. The porting happens suddenly and without warning. Or worse doesn't happen for a long time. (Long is relative). 

Did you map out the PBX extensions? Did you check inside wiring and the LAN design? Are the phones programmed? When will staff training occur on how to use the new system, voicemail and handsets? Is there a manual or a wiki?

These are the basics of the on-boarding process. LNP is just a part of it.

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