Where Has the Integrity Gone?

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Where Has the Integrity Gone?

I received an email yesterday through my website contact form. From Dennis  asking me if I was a direct agent for Paetec. (I'm not; I sub through Microcorp). I reply that I am a sub-agent and ask why. His reply: "Because I'm an agent for PaeTec and I'd like to talk to you about our sub-agent program."

I explain I already am a sub-agent. His response: "I understand that and am interested in your commission structure. I'll cal anyway if you don't mind."

The fact is I did mind. I hate this crap in our industry. I email him that I think poaching agents is not very nice and that as a founding member of an agent association, TCA, I feel that integrity and ethics are an important foundation of The Channel. His reply: "For the record, I was not poaching other people's agents, I happen to see you web site and noticed the PaeTec representation so i thought I'd introduce myself. Besides that, I didn't know it was unethical to solicit other peoples agents; I thought that was what most would consider the free market system. Thanks your your input anyway; I was going to give you a lead for fiber but under the circumstances, I suspect you are well set in that area as well."

He teaches Technology Management at a local college and has been in the business many years.  It irks me. 

What's was going to be his pitch? I'll give you two more points if you move your business over? Does he think that I have no integrity? Does he think that my relationship with my Master Agent is based solely on commission points? 

The TCA spent some of 2009 composing a Code of Ethics for Agents which included the following:
  • Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of an Agent.
  • Agents should educated on the solutions that they propose to customers.
  • Agents should always have the best interest of the customers at heart.
  • Agents shouldn't churn Master Agencies.
  • Every dealing of an agent - whether with a customer, prospect, carrier, master agent, vendor or other agent - should be performed with the utmost of respect and integrity.

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