New Year's Resolutions Going Social

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New Year's Resolutions Going Social

In reading about Pat Phelan giving up smoking, I saw his mention of the Philips DirectLife is making exercise and weight loss a social thing. If you like the NordicTrac, the social piece is the "iFit® Live allows you to experience trails all over the world. Work out with Jillian Michaels, race against your Facebook® friends and receive automatic workout downloads every day!" 

By sharing your goals to quit smoking and lose weight with your friends and family, you can get support. Not everyone can afford a coach or personal trainer. Not everyone wants to get to a gym (almost everyone can, most don't want to). So there are other ways to track your exercise.

Finally all this technology gets submerged into a lifestyle improvement.

BTW, for you service providers, telling your customers about these gadgets and websites makes you invaluable.

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