Latisys Lands a Rockstar

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Latisys Lands a Rockstar

Latisys is a VC backed data center solutions company. Latisys was formerly Managed Data Holdings, a company founded in 1994, that was transformed and renamed in 2007 by a group of venture capital firms.

Latisys is a leading provider of colocation, managed hosting, managed services and disaster recovery solutions. Latisys runs multiple SAS70 Type II certified data centers across the United States. I'm guessing that they compete with Savvis for customers and business.

Latisys just expanded data center space in the Greater Chicago area. And with that expansion they hired a rock star whose name is Theodore Wrzesinski. Theo was a superstar sales person at Yipes in the startup's hey day and just finished up a two year stint at Equinix. Go get 'em, Theo!

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