Unbelievable Response

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Unbelievable Response

Let's say that you are ITSP who provides white label Hosted PBX to service providers. Let's say you have issues delivering your service to that service provider. The issues are persistent. The service provider partner loses customers as a result. He emails you. As the president of the ITSP, is this really an appropriate response?

"We understand that you are unhappy with us. No matter how many more times you tell us, we will not understand it any better. You do not like our service. We get it."
"I understand the ticket is being actively worked by our support team and they will be in contact with your team. We will continue to provide you with any needed technical support. As to migration of customers and the existing LNP project, those decisions are completely in your court. It is your decision as to how you wish to proceed. We do not care either way."

Sprint learned a lesson a couple of years ago that I remind my clients regularly: If you cannot service the client, let them go! Fire them!

This guy is telling many people about this ITSP. People, be realistic about what you can deliver - underpromise and overdeliver - (not the other way around).

There are many ways to resolve a complaining customer. One way is to help him move to another service. Another is to actually fix the service. (The fact that you can't make me wonder what's up with that?!) Another way is try to turn it around. It's a small industry folks -- and getting smaller all the time. This was a Branding moment.

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