VoiceCon and FISPA

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VoiceCon and FISPA

I'm heading over to VoiceCon at the Gaylord Palm to work with XO interviewing attendees. The question: What does UC mean to you? I'm expecting 25 different answers. (Which will prove my point).

Tweetup Monday (tonight) @ 7 pm at Sunset Sam's Fish Camp (the boat restaurant at the Gaylord Palm). Free food and drink and the opportunity to talk about Polycom ucomms with @robin_sager. (PS Larry Lisser will be in town). 

Then I head over the Airport for the FISPA Conference where tomorrow morning I am presenting on Sales Management 101 and How to SELLECOM: Hosted PBX. Later I am moderating a panel on Selling Fat Pipe. On Wed., my pal George Hasan from PTX Marketing is speaking about SEO and Adwords before we present Why Your Website Sucks. Busy week. Blog way later.

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