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2G, 3G, 4G - All Fluff

The AT&T versus Verizon Wireless ads are annoying. So is Sprint. Luckily, I never see T-Mobile ads any more. (And thankfully Alltel is no more). I've been with Sprint since 2002 or so. It has its moments. But when you tell me you have a 4G network in Chicago and my EVDO card is crawling at dial-up speed, I have to call Bull! I understand there are factors: my 3G (not 4G) EVDO card, how many people on the tower, interference, backhaul, blah, blah, blah. 

These companies keep hyping a service that for a majority of the consumers is more smoke than reality. iPhone users have been loudest about complaining about network congestion. But don't let VZW fool you: that network isn't perfect either. And T: it's a shame you have all that AWS and 700 spectrum, how about deploying it so people can enjoy that Google phone? Outside Baltimore and 2 or 3 select other cities, I mean. You could be the jail-broken iPhone network, if you had some form of 3G coverage nationwide.

3G. 4G. Bah! Most of them are still relying on 2.5G gear and 2G backhaul from many towers. Plus these networks were designed to handle 10K streams of voice traffic, not billions of text messages, streaming radio, and web searches. (Why does Sprint push Sprint TV? I just want my Facebook updtaes on my phone without 2 or 3 time-outs! And yes I realize that some of that is Facebook can't keep their network up).

I'd like an SLA on this 4G that all the carriers spout off about. Give me a minimum network service. It's the least you can do if you believed in your network.

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