An Interview with MegaPath

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An Interview with MegaPath

This is the raw footage of an interview with Dan Foster, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at MegaPath Inc., that we did yesterday.

The first question is about the bundling of the SUTUS Business Central 200 for the Channel. MegaPath's priority is Inter-operability with IP-PBX vendors like SUTUS. MegaPath is the SIP Trunking Partner, pushing leads back to the VAR/Integrator/dealer network, including a rebate off the hardware (if available).

The Covad-MegaPath merger, at first glance, looks like it will be the MegaPath Channel Program going to market. The Channel is a key growth segment, Dan Foster said. That is what I am seeing as I head to Chicago for the first TCA Channel Chief Summit.

"We want to connect your business," said Dan Foster. That's why MegaPath will bundle satellite, EVDO or cable to the package in order for the connectivity to be redundant. They would like to add on MPLS and/or Network Security as well.

Channel Partners Expo in DC will be when MegaPath does the hard roll-out of Hosted PBX based on Broadsoft. It seems that the time is ripe for Hosted PBX since the simultaneous growth of both ubiquious broadband and virtual offices.

Asked by MegaPath Marketing to remove the recording because it was too conversational and personal.

Here's the edited conversation.

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