Mobile Bill Made Simple

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Mobile Bill Made Simple

The first action by the FCC Consumer Task Force is to launch an initiative to help consumers avoide "Bill Shock". [Official announcement here]

"The Bureau is seeking input on ways to alert consumers about potential high charges before they add up. One idea is a technical solution now used in Europe that could help consumers avoid this problem."

"There can be many causes of bill shock, including unclear or misunderstood advertising, unanticipated roaming or data charges, and other problems," Joel Gurin, Chief of the FCC's Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau said. "All can lead to charges that people don't expect to get. In the European Union, carriers are required by law to send text messages to consumers when they are running up roaming charges or getting close to a set limit for data roaming. We're issuing a Public Notice to see if there's any reason that American carriers can't use similar automatic alerts to inform consumers when they are at risk of running up a high bill."

There are examples of complaints in the announcement -- all of which I think should be reasons for fining the carrier. False advertising is illegal. And I get that it is confusing -- they have too many plans -- and too many fees and charges that sound official but are just profit.

The FCC also unvieled: Mobile Minutes Made Simple: Tips for Avoiding Bill Shock Now. Read them here.

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