The SMART System

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The SMART System

SPOT, SMART, GCSM are all the names of the systems that AT&T Solutions Providers must learn to navigate to put a sales lead into the system in order to get pricing and contracts.

Have they not seen SIMPL? That's the system that ACC Business uses. ACC Business is the step-child subsidiary of AT&T. The system is SIMPL.

The SMART system must mean that you need a higher IQ than me, because I stumbled through it again today while trying to put an opportunity in the system to get an MIS contract. It's hours of work for one quote. 90 minutes to put the lead through to contract request. BAH!

You can always tell an ILEC system: no AJAX, easy GUI, process flow, or any indication that the programmers have actually ever interacted with the system as a user.

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