Verizon Starts Blocking

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Verizon Starts Blocking

Comcast won in court over the FCC on the issue of traffic shaping, so Verizon started blocking ports this week.

First, VZ started blocking port 25 yesterday on their FiOS and DSL networks. Now VoIP Traffic is being blocked.

From an ITSP, "We started getting calls today, and it seems that Verizon has started blocking ports, traffic shaping, something, but it is interfering with voice service, email, and some web traffic. One example is a customer that we are no longer able to ping, but we are polling their router via SNMP. For a few minutes I could not access our switch due to the FiOS at our office."

So it looks like an attack on over-the-top services. Welcome to the walled garden!

This is why you need competition -- and competition is not a Duopoly!

Otherwise you have to try to regulate Net Neutrality.

Imagine if this blocking was preventing access to email servers, tele-presence, or your applications in the cloud. Companies would be totally stuck.

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