For All You iPhone People

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For All You iPhone People

"A federal class-action lawsuit will move forward against Apple (AAPL) and AT&T (T) for "locking" iPhones to AT&T's network, and Apple's control over which apps can be installed on the owner's phone." I tend to agree with Seeking Alpha that I side with the consumer and innovation.

If Apple and AT&T want to control the whole phone (or VZW for that matter), then rent the phone like you used to that big ugly black house phone.



More importantly: take it back and recycle it when the contract is up. Right now, I buy a phone, usually subsidized, but at the end I'm left with a phone that isn't much use. It is locked to a specific carrier network. Recycling it is very challenging. (If it isn't let me know, I have 2 complete phone kits in my closet). And they are piling up in landfills. Carriers don't even have a trade-in program like car dealers do.

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