Really: PAETEC Sells Fixed Wireless

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Really: PAETEC Sells Fixed Wireless

While surfing, I came across this page from PAETEC about how it sells Fixed Wireless services. Fixed Wireless is not cellular. It's using radios and spectrun (mainly unlicensed spectrum) to connect a customer premise to the Internet or to another location.

In this case, PAETEC is using licensed spectrum to deliver from 20Mbps to 1Gig with "99.999% (or better) circuit availability". Really? Five Nines or better? 100% uptime? Even the PSTN can't do that any more. And if they wanted five 9's, wouldn't fiber be better? You know, that network that you bought from MacLeod.

"XO is the largest owner of LMDS spectrum (28-31Ghz) in the nation. NextLink, the wireless operation of XOHO, recently launched its broadband wireless services in Las Vegas and increased its wireless portfolio to 14 markets at the speed of covering 1 to 2 metro areas/month: Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Huston, LA, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas - already more than its almost only competitor in LMDS fixed wireless services, FiberTower (FTWR). The remaining large LMDS spectrum owner, Level 3 (LVLT), through its acquisition of Telecove, has so far no plan to use the spectrum, which may expire and become invalid if it is unutilized for certain time period." [seekingalpha]

Actually: "XO Communications has realigned its product offerings by integrating the Nextlink Wireless, Inc. broadband wireless products and services into the company's existing Business Services and Carrier Services business units." []

My guess would be that PAETEC is using Dragonwave gear, considering this  press release, "PAETEC's Fixed Wireless uses carrier-grade microwave equipment and consultative engineering to build reliable 'last-mile' access loops between a customer network and a local PAETEC point of presence."

Why bother? It's very difficult to build and maintain a wireless network, unless it is your primary business. It is even more difficult to sell fixed wireless as a side business unless you are bundling it as a complete Disaster Recovery package (which they kind of do via a PDF).

Both PAETEC and XO are a smorgasbord of services wrapped under an umbrella holding company. The ILEC is trying to be all things to all people - TV, ISP, MSP, SAAS, data center, transport, transit, and oh yeah voice. It isn't working for them either. What's your brand? What's your Identity? I leave you with that.

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This blog raises some interesting questions around the use of wireless technologies by service providers, but there are a few points of clarification for PAETEC’s Fixed Wireless:

• PAETEC’s Fixed Wireless services utilize FCC Licensed 6, 11, 18, 23, and 80 GHz Microwave spectrum ranges. On limited occasions we have taken advantage of 5.8 and 60 GHz unlicensed spectrum. Regardless, our solution is point-to-point microwave, not point to multi-point. PAETEC does not operate in the LMDS space.

• We’re very familiar with Dragonwave equipment; however, we have chosen to deploy Ceragon and Bridgewave devices with our Fixed Wireless service.

• "Why bother" you ask? Fixed Wireless is a component of the PAETEC Business Continuity solution portfolio, allowing our customers to establish diversity in local transport. It is no bother to bring personalized, valued solutions to our customers.

I’d be glad to discuss more with you or your readers.

Charles Mather
Senior Product Manager
[email protected]

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