Some Unsettling Numbers

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Some Unsettling Numbers

"The American economy lost 131,000 net jobs in July, about 70,000 worse than expected.  The loss of 143,000 temporary Census jobs, which was expected by economists, pushed the
"headline" number into the red."  How many jobs have the merged telecom companies dropped?

The INC 5000 list is out with 100 telecom companies on it including many Hosted VoIP companies like Callis Comm., Stage2, VoIP Logic, Telovations, Bandwidth, M5, Aptela, and Geckotech. Others included Fibertech, Integra, CapRock, FiberLight and Host.Net  but Birch was a surprise.

Fierce does a nice job of putting together an easy chart on the cellcos 2Q2010. Leap has the lowest ARPU at $37.61 and highest churn. That means price isn't everything. US Cellular has low churn and the highest ARPU at $52.71 but might have run out of customers to add in their marketplace.

Virgin Mobile launched an all-you-can-eat, no-contract mobile broadband plan priced at $40 per month on Facebook!  FB is a great place to launch promotions and coupons for consumer goods and services. The MiFi 2200 Intelligient Mobile Hotspot is one of the devices.

Meanwhile, mobile data usage is increasing -- faster than revenue. "Data traffic continued to increase across all networks. By 1H 2010, the average US consumer was consuming approximately 230 MB/mo up 50% in 6 months." [Chetan]

Both GigaOm and Gary Kim are stating that voice minutes are plummeting, while text is skyrocketing. Average long distance minutes for residential is under 300 minutes.

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