8,016 Reasons to Offer MDM

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8,016 Reasons to Offer MDM

In the last year, 8016 devices were left in US airports, according to TJS. Credant’s research found that the following types of devices were left behind:

  • Smartphones and tablets: 3,444 (43.0%)
  • Laptops: 3,576 (44.6%)
  • USB Drives: 996 (12.4%)

Despite a proliferation of BYOD in the enterprise, "only 10% of enterprises use dedicated MDM software, says Telsyte." This is Australian enterprises, but the US number probably is similar.

There are some 30 mobile device management suites. ZDnet reviews 10 of them, including AirWatch, AmTel MDM, IBM, Symantic and Zenprise. Gartner has a Quadrant report on MDM vendors. It's a growing business, so a good time to get in the game.


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