Tele-Pacific Acquires Some O1

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Tele-Pacific Acquires Some O1

"TelePacific Communications, the largest CLEC providing integrated voice and data telecommunications services to the small and medium-sized business ("SMB") customer segment in California and Nevada, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire the SMB customer base and network of O1 Communications ("O1"). TelePacific will also acquire a SAS 70 Type II certified data center located in Sacramento, California. ... Under the terms of the agreement, TelePacific Communications will gain approximately 1000 business customers in California. O1 will continue to own and operate its wholesale line of business." from the Tele-Pacific press release.

From the sounds of it O1 is sticking to wholesale. Well, it is good to stay focused. And wholesale operations are leaner than SMB operations. Let's face it, O1 can probably use the undisclosed money.

Tele-Pacific follows 360 and Sonic.Net into shoring up competition in Northern California for Ma and Pa Bell.

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