Americans Agree the Internet is Working

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Americans Agree the Internet is Working

"Hart Research Associates conducted a national survey finding that opposition to government Internet regulation remains high with more than 75 percent of respondents agreeing that the Internet is currently working well and over 55 percent stating that the federal government should not regulate the Internet at all." From Broadband for America.

A couple of things:

Sample size: 800 voters. Not much of a cross-section of "225M registered voters. Statistically, 800 of 225M is too small to be any where near accurate. That's the problem with most polls. Plus what about locale. Where all 800 in the same mall? Was the demographics of the 800 representative to the voter demographic breakdown?

Next, how would they know? How would the average American know if the Internet was working? Most don't know what Twitter is - and many are just finding out about Facebook - so how would they know?

Your gamers would know. Your heavy users and early adopters would know. But your 800 surburbanites that actually wanted to talk to a pollster? Not likely.

It's probably a reflection that Americans crave less regulation overall. Until something bad happens - like say all the financial markets crash. Then we want regulation, forget that we had regulation and then de-regulated. Because we just want stuff to work without thinking about it. We pay taxes in order for people to monitor that situation.

The key behind Net Neutrality isn't anything more than everyone needs the same access. Period.

We don't regulate Internet2/Abilene. We don't regulate Cellular access to the Internet either. You want to prioritize a network Comcast or VZ or AT&T? Build Internet3 or stop marketing your broadband as Internet. That brand means something. It means open access and fair play and the innovation frontier. And noone of the Top ISP's own that.

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