So We Have These Mergers

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So We Have These Mergers


So we have all these mergers taking place, then I'm reading Consulting magazine to find a book review about John Hagel's The Power of Pull. We are in an era of declining ROA from Big Business, so they have to keep buying assets to stave it off.

"to support that proposition we muster a set of evidence around performance trends over long periods of time for all public companies in the United States. In particular, we show that return on assets (ROA) for all public companies in the U.S. has eroded in a very substantial and sustained rate since 1965. In fact, it has come down about 75 percent. There is no evidence of it leveling off, much less turning around."

OOPS! Hagel began writing about the shift push to pull models in 2005.

It's just that change has been happening so fast. Execs have had their eyes on the wrong thing. Synergies, metrics, the stock price - these are not ways to get an ROA. And your biggest asset: domain knowledge - keeps going out the door in round after round of layoff.

I'll admit I don't quite grasp Hagel's pull platforms in any way other than how marketing has had to turn around into Inbound marketing because there are too many ways that consumers can ignore or avoid advertising and marketing messages.

This again supposrt my theory that any unspent stimulus money should just be turned over to the SBA.

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