Net-Head Talking Coming Up

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Net-Head Talking Coming Up


At ChannelVision Expo, I will be presenting Bell-Head versus Net-Head. I have been discussing that here and in Internet Telephony magazine since January 2009. I will be touching on that in a session titled Upselling SIP Trunking at CVX, where we talk about SIP Trunking just being a stepping stone to the water fall of IP Communications. (You know that buzz word: UC?)

So this is draft one of the talk slides:

There is certainly still money to be made selling POTS, DSL, T1, and cellular services - commodities all of them - but to make money in the future will need to understand and embrace IP - Metro Ethernet, Waves, Hosted PBX, SAAS, UC, and everything CLOUD. At least, in my opinion.

The Upselling SIP Trunking session is with the following: David Byrd VP, Sales & Marketing at Broadvox; Scott Wharton, CEO of Vidtel; Steve Vickers, President of Newport Audio and Video (an actual agent!); and Joseph Gillette, President & CEO at Stage 2 (a hosted VoIP company).

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