Broadsoft Acquires Casabi

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Broadsoft Acquires Casabi

BroadSoft_logo_2C.jpgI received a tip that Broadsoft was buying Casabi and a link to a PR website that had this to say:

"BroadSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: BSFT), the leading global provider of IP-based communications services to the telecommunications industry, today announced it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Campbell, California-based Casabi, Inc., a privately held provider of innovative, cloud-based personalized content and messaging applications."

"Casabi empowers cable, fixed-line and mobile telecommunications service providers to expand their consumer offerings to include fixed-line SMS, customized information services and tools that keep families organized. Through this hosted application, family members can send text message blasts to any phone number (fixed-line or mobile), access voicemail, make real-time updates to a family calendar, and share a network address book."  [I am waiting word back from Broadsoft.]

This clearly plays into the roadmap at Broadsoft of more MRC based offerings. This acquisition also assists Broadsoft customers in two ways: a tool for SMS messaging and a differentiator for service bundles. The market is becoming awash with bundles, but no clear differentiation one from the other. This may help.

UPDATE: Since this morning, the PR website is locked down and still no SEC filing. Maybe the deal is still in the works. We'll find out at Broadsoft Connections, the big user conference in Phoenix, on Sunday the 24th.

UPDATE: Confirmed by press release.

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