Bundling for Stickiness

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Bundling for Stickiness


I moderated the panel at ITEXPO about The Importance of Bundling for Stickiness with Cbeyond, Broadvox and Tele-Pacific. If a carrier has a bundle and it looks like every other bundle, it quickly becomes a commodity that is sold on price. Think Integrated T1 or Dynamic T1 or SIP Trunk.

New Edge Networks, an EarthLink company, has stretched beyond the MPLS over DSL model to include other access methods such as cable and EVDO. That lends some redundancy to the mix. NEN also can layer on voice and backup service - and soon with the AX platform other applications. It's a good small business bundle for agents.

When you bring more than access to the table, you create value. The stance has to be that you take a view from about 10,000 feet up. What is the business trying to do and how can I design a solution that allows them to do that reliably.

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