NetWolves Wins Managed Services Deal Worth $1.9M!!!

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NetWolves Wins Managed Services Deal Worth $1.9M!!!


NetWolves announced alst week that they signed a Charter School Management Group for a three-year contract worth $1.9M. This opportunity came from the Channel.

US Telecom Group, a sub-agent of PlanetOne, teamed with NetWolves to design the solution that won the deal. The solution includes an MPLS primary network as well as a backup network consisting of T-1s and cable services; all of the CPE, along with monitoring and management services, are provided by NetWolves.

"Our client chose NetWolves for their ability to offer a truly redundant network along with the ability to manage the complete solution from end to end. US Telecom Group believes Netwolves was the right choice for our client based upon our experience with Netwolves in providing a very high level of support to our clients. They have one of the highest satisfaction levels with our clients, which makes life easier on our company." said Joey Sutton and Greg Howard of US Telecom Group.

"NetWolves' Managed Services Offering gives our agents the ability to get stickier customers," stated Ted Schuman, CEO of PlanetOne Communications. "These types of services are sometimes left on the table and now our agents can maximize the value of their opportunities."

"Opportunities like this are right in our strike zone," said Ryan Kelly, President of Sales at NetWolves. "More and more customers are realizing the benefits of multi carrier solutions and fully managed networks," continued Kelly.

Agents are going upriver and delivering bigger deals to carriers. Multi-site multi-access customers are the hotspot everyone is looking for (and fighting over) right now. It's good to see.

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