This Week at ITEXPO

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This Week at ITEXPO

I have been busy at ITEXPO so have not blogged this week. There are lots of familiar faces that I only get to see at ITEXPO East and West.

There has been a lot of content at ITEXPO: at least 13 sessions going on at any given time. 4G, SmartGrid, ChannelVision Expo, MSP World, Social CRM, and more, including the usual ITEXPO tracks. A lot to take in. Over 200 booths also, which means that my legs are tired.

My take on the keynotes: learn from Steve Jobs. He's not my favorite person and I am not an Apple geek, but Jobs realizes that a keynote is not just about the speaker's time, but also the audience's. If you are going to bore them with PowerPoint and marketing collateral, why bother? You hurt the show. And don't take a full room as any indication that you are doing well. Most are there in the Hope that you will say something good (while they check their email and Facebook). Hint: Is it tweet worthy?

Let's say Jobs isn't your favorite either. Try taking lessons from an event like DEMO? Or IGNITE? Ignite is 20 slides automatically moving every 15 seconds. Just a thought.

I know that as the hotshot executive on the platform, you think it should be about you and your company, but remember the audience.

Lots of buzz about all the crazy mergers - EarthLink-Deltacom, Paetec-CavTel, Intel-McAfee, et al. Also, buzz about all the personnel changes, like Cisco's Enterprise guy moving to Skype CEO.

The StartupCamp keynote by Xobni's Jeff Bontforte was unique in that he has personality and was able to tell a story about lessons from failure with humor. (More on that in another post).

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