What's New to Sell?

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What's New to Sell?

Besides thinking Cloud, which is really just applications, there have been a few interesting product offerings from carriers. Here are some of them:

Both AboveNet and FiberLight have some new fiber miles to sell.

XO has almost 100 route miles of new metro fiber in Charlotte (with help from AGL and DukeNet). That helps XO offer bigger pipe (like FastE) to go with EoC. XO is pushing E-SIP over MPLS. They are also offering VPLS for those IT folks that don't more control than MPLS offers.

Savvis has a new data center in Atlanta and opened DC #4. Savvis is also pushing MPLS with IAAS for the customer that wants private cloud computing infrastructure or needs to securely connect to their hosted apps. Savvis is obviously looking for Enterprise, Government or Fortune 5000 clients for their new portfolio.

Level3 announced Coverged Business Network service, which means pick two or more of these services on one pipe: Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), IP-VPN, and SIP Trunking voice services.

New Edge Networks and XO both offer EVDO backup for small businesses that need redundancy. EVDO backup allows for a diverse path for access.

New Edge Netwroks (soon to be married to Deltacom) is offering $289 T1 in 450 cities and $499 for a T1 with DSL or EVDO backup bundle.

GSI is doing auditing and TEM.

2011 will be interesting!

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