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I am hearing so much about cable TV subscriber losses and over-the-top video and cord cutters that I have to weigh in. Rich Tehrani and Gary Kim make some points in their latest blogs, but here's my opinion.

Surveying 2,000 people about cable TV is insignificant. NCTA members pass 127.8 million homes, so 2000 is a pin drop. (And if they are home to answer questions, aren't they likely unemployed?) Even the Top 5 MSO's losing 500K is kind of irrelevant. Statistics need to be significant -- but it might be a slow news month for some.

Comcast is buying NBCU to make certain that cable TV is relevant. Content is king. And it will continue to be so. (Entertaining the masses is an imperative.) If content wasn't king, would Cablevision have been in a fight with Fox?

I would love to cut the cord. My $120 Bright House bill for Internet and TV drives me nuts. But to cut out TV, I would still have a $79 broadband only bill (I need 2 IP addresses so $10 extra). The available content is not aggregated anywhere; it is on a variety of different websites. It would be maddening to try to find it all. And I couldn't watch it on my LCD HDTV. I would have to watch it on my laptop or 22" computer monitor. Do you think that's what your Average Joe wants to do? For gosh sake, hide his remote and he can't watch TV :)

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