FCC Net Neutrality Proposal

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FCC Net Neutrality Proposal

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FCC Commission Members Differ over Network Openness Proposals. Duh! They always do. The commissioners have historically voted along party lines.

Net Neutrality is about saving our economy. It's about the Internet - wired, wireless, cellular. The Internet needs to remain an open platform for innovation. I'm not alone on this.

FCC Commissioner Clyburn: net neutrality rules should cover wireless

Internet Access Should Be Application-Agnostic by Brad Burnham

Fred Wilson's In Search Of Open Internet Access

Fred Wilson concludes that the proposal should read as follows: "A non-discrimination rule that bans all application-specific discrimination (i.e. discrimination based on applications or classes of applications), but allows application-agnostic discrimination."

No big rant on this because I am not in elite status with the FCC to get to read the proposal yet. (It's private). You can spin it anyway you want: network management; prioritization; peering disputes; etc. It boils down to this: to call it Internet Access, I have to be able to reach anywhere on the interwebs (legally) equally. ANything else and you can NOT call it Internet. You have to call it dot Net.

On that note, read this article by Craig Settles titled The Myth of Broadband Competition in America.

I leave you with these thoughts: where do you think our economy will be with an Internet controlled by 20 companies (although the government would like that better). And these same 20 companies have received numoerous rate hikes since 1999 to build you a network that you do not yet have today. Check your PSC/PUC notes on any rate hikes to see what the Duopoly promised for it. You will be shocked.

And to get political for a moment: no one in DC has YOUR interests at heart. It's all about lobbyists at the F-Agencies and in Congress who finance campaigns and have more voice and access than you or I ever will.

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