Selling SIP Trunking

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Selling SIP Trunking

I spent yesterday with an MSO Enterprise sales force training them on what SIP is and how to sell it. The key is the Value Statement.

Today, there are over a thousand companies selling voice services. It comes down to what your Value Proposition is.

Clients say they want to save money, but really they want reliable, quality dial-tone.

And to sell it to them salespeople need to follow a sales process that includes good open-ended questions, a value proposition, disqualifying prospects and targeting the right prospects.

The gotchas are another problem: Fax over IP, Inter-operability with PBX gear, and some other stuff that you need to go over with the prospect during the sales process. It's part of the probing to disqualify the prospect because you can't help them or qualifying the pain points that you can indeed solve.

Like Hugh MacLeod says Smarter Conversations.

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