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Tele-Pacific Looking Wireless


TelePacific Communications, the largest California-based CLEC providing integrated voice and data telecommunications services to the small and medium-sized business ("SMB") customer segment in California and Nevada, and MegaPath Inc., the leading provider of managed IP data, voice, and security services in North America, today announced a definitive agreement for TelePacific Communications to acquire MegaPath's NextWeb, Inc. subsidiary, dba Covad Wireless, a broadband fixed wireless carrier operating in California and Nevada.

Under the terms of the agreement, TelePacific Communications will gain approximately 3,500 profitable broadband fixed wireless business customers in California, Nevada and suburban Chicago through an all cash purchase of capital stock, per the press release. The footprint is complimentary so that helps.

This move just adds to the wireless moves that Tele-Pacific has made this quarter. Tele-Pacific Mobile has a wholesale contract with VZW to provide cellular voice and data services (3G) on one bill to its customers.

The NextWeb acquisition along with the 3G addition allows Tele-Pacific and its agents to offer a fully redundant circuit to its customer base. Wireline-Wireless bundles are becoming something of a necessity today as the business world becomes more mobile and moves depper into cloud application services.

EarthLink Business has a 3G data backup solution from New Edge Networks and a cellular voice option from Dealtacom.

MegaPath has a 3G data backup plan too.

As we move to an all-IP world, we are stepping away from a line powered five 9's reliability. The smart move for agents is to fill in the redundancy piece with 3G, Hosted PBX, fixed wireless, diverse fiber paths, and other modes of business continuity planning for disasters - minor and major. Data backup, network monitoring and security, even SmartUPS sales can add incremental income to your business, while allowing you to have a different conversation with your prospects and customers - albeit a higher level discussion.

Best Wishes for 2011!

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