I Guess Mobile is the Future

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I Guess Mobile is the Future

androidg-1thumb_.jpgThere are many in telecom that think mobile is the golden land of the future. Google, Apple and Microsoft are in a championship scramble match for a large share of the mobile market - Win7 versus Android versus iOS.

Microsoft bought Nokia's handset biz for $19B. [As an aside, HP bought Palm and is rolling out Palm handsets and tablets based on webOS, yet a 4th player in the scramble.] Now in a bold move, Google is going all in by buying Motorola's handset, Motorola Mobility Holdings, for $12.5B today.

Google now owns the entire ecosystem like Apple and Microsoft - hardware, software, apps store. All are just missing the Network, which is probably the choke point for all of them. If T-Mobile gets acquired, that takes a big Android network off the table. And with just 3 cellcos, the war for the market narrows. 

I have to ask: where does this leave Blackberry in the race? In front of HP or behind them?  And do we can it Moogle or Googorola (via tweets today).


It seems that Google will acquire 17,000 patents when it swallows MOTO Mobility! That will give it some leverage against both MS and Apple in the current patent war (raged around the Nortel patents). Funny side note: Carl Icahn, owner of XO, is also a stakeholder in MOTO Mobility. The patent war is just one more tool in the lawsuit-lobbying belt of companies today.

ASIDE: It seems funny to me that Apple or Microsoft would talk about infringement since most of their stuff was originally from Xerox PARC - mouse, icons, UI.

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