Bits and Pieces

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Bits and Pieces

The TCA has over 370 agent members now. Certification is underway. Are you becoming a Certified Telecom Professional?  

STS Telecom and Saturn Telecommunications became part of Deltacom today, which is now EarthLink Business, according to an FCC filing. STS in its day was a big UNE-P shop. When UNE-P went away, STS moved to VoIP using a Sylantro softswitch.  Press release about acquisition.

TV White Spaces is still up in the air (<get it?) but rural regions, where it is most needed, probably won't see it. [see law blog here] It could be to help the Rural Telcos, although couldn't they deploy white spaces?

I like case studies, especially when they talk about Productivity. Here's one from Cbeyond: Bundled IT and Communications Services Offering from Cbeyond Helps Online Retailer Focus on Productivity.

Of course, someone had to sue the FCC over the Net Neutrality rules, so why not VZ?

I get robo-calls every single day. And now a company is making it really cheap to annoy everyone you call! 

Cbeyond has been an MVNO for a while, but it just started outsourcing its handset fulfillment to Telespree

Fairpoint emerged from BK.

Investment house Pivotal has purchased $65M of debt and financing of Global Capacity Group while it is in bankruptcy.

We have all heard that Eric Schmidt has stepped down as CEO of Google with $100M in his suitcase. Key thought: What got you here today, will not get you there tomorrow.

Vonage is in the midst of a class action settlement.

Pension payments are sinking the ILEC's. Embarq/CenturyLink has already tried to wipe pension obligations away. AT&T and Verizon took huge write offs to right the pension ship.

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