TCA Announces Agent Education Series

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TCA Announces Agent Education Series


The TCA (Technology Channel Association) is a trade association for the Indirect Channel. It's prime mission is education. The TCA has been holding monthly peer-to-peer webinars, allowing members to teach members about various topics and services (since April of 2009). These webinars are archived for our membership.

In 2011, with the launch of the Certified Telecom Professional program, TCA is kicking up the education. This is what the calendar looks like forthe first half of 2011 so far:

In February, we will be having 2 calls. One will be an Open call about Best Practices of Agents. Later in the month we will be holding one on EoC (Ethernet over Copper) with a product specialist from XO.

In March, we will be Talking Collocation with COLOTRAQ's Sr. Sourcing Consultant, Brandon Peccoralo, and Chris Palermo of Global Communication Networks Inc. moderated by Khali Henderson of Channel Partners.

Back by popular demand in April is the Best Practices Round Table for Channel Managers. We did this in 2009 and it was hit, since there isn't a forum for channel managers to swap tips and ideas. TCA is glad to facilitate that.

May brings a webinar about the Equipment Services Program that both carriers and master agents are now rolling out to the Channel. For example, TBI is now a national ADTRAN VAR and PAETEC bought the Avaya VAR. It should be a good call about adding a revenue stream via some hardware.

In June, the topic is What is SIP over MPLS? This will be a panel of our carriers who now offer this service including XO.

In addition, at the Channel Partners Expo in Vegas, there will a 2-hour class for the CTP cert on Sunday. [Please note that you must be a TCA member and you must be registered for the CTP program; both of which you can do at the door. A big thank you goes out to Channel Partners, Khali and Virgo for helping us put this together. In 2 hours, you can join TCA, sign up for the CTP, and get go over the material.]

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