The Future of Bell DSL

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The Future of Bell DSL


AT&T announced that they "nearly" hit 3 million U-Verse TV customers. In comparison, Bell added 2.8M new wireless customers in the 4th quarter and sold 4.1 million iPhones´╗┐. Bell has 95M wireless subscribers. [see PDF]. Wireless ARPU is $62.88. Total wireless churn is at 1.32%. Ma Bell is now a $120B wireless and Internet company.

This is a misnomer: "Consumer wireline broadband connections include DSL lines, U-verse High Speed Internet access and satellite broadband."

AT&T has approximately 7.8 million DSL subscribers, but that is not their focus. Neither is Voice or PSTN or TDM.

Over at Pa Bell, err, Verizon, according to Telecompetitor, "FiOS services now account for 53% of all of Verizon consumer wireline revenue. No doubt that Verizon is a FTTH and wireless company. Its copper legacy has never been in more doubt." And 'Verizon lost a whopping 564K DSL subscribers in all of 2010, 145K of which were lost in the 4th quarter alone." in comparison, in 3Q10 Comcast, which has 16.7M broadband subs, added 249K in one quarter! Comcast has a broadband penetration of 32.6%. FiOS is at just under 30%.

This doesn't bode well for wholesale DSL customers of either company. It also should have OTT (over-the-top) companies (VoIP and TV) to start reflecting on a strategy for dealing with port blocking, metering, and other fun and interesting ways that FiOS will want to keep all of the revenue.

Here's something else to make you scratch your head, VZ has partnered with Google for a specially branded Google Apps and Gmail for Verizon for small and medium business.

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