The Hosted UC Script

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The Hosted UC Script

I'm at Enterprise Connect (formerly VoiceCon) where the talk is all about CLOUD. (Surprise!) Cloud Communications from Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel (Untangling Complexity), Microsoft Lync, Sprint, IBM, Smoothstone, XO and Verizon. I didn't see a MITEL booth but at least 5 MITEL folks are speaking. Dan York is here. So is Alex Doyle from Broadsoft; Scott Wharton at VidTel; Larry Lisser at EMBRASE; Fonolo; and Thomas Howe.

 VZ announced that in conjunction with Cisco and  hosted in VZ data centers, it will offer Unified Comm and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) based on Cisco UC platform and VMware virtualized. This is for Enterprise services.

VZ and XO both made Cloud Comm announcements today. XO announced Enterprise Cloud Comm in a press release filled with marketing speak that eventually states that it is a Hosted PBX with Unified Communications components. It's an Enterprise offering, but as Peter Davis of @XOBizPartners  and I will be discussing tomorrow in 29 minutes: XO has all the components that anyone needs to put together any UC package.

UC is a sandbox for all types of communications - SMS, text, IM, chat, presence, video, voice, email - and today we add collaboration in the form of file sharing, desktop sharing, and web/audio/video conferencing. Now social media input and monitoring are being added to the sandbox. Each company offers some kind of bundle that they call UC (or some other marketing term for it). But one size doesn't fit all. And right now Enterprise and Large Enterprises are the target market. Likely because they are the most likely to buy and implement this now. 

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