More Spectrum, More Spectrum

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More Spectrum, More Spectrum

At CTIA today for the CEO Panel, AllThingsD quipped, "A lot of carbon dioxide being expended at CTIA talking about how spectrum is the industry’s oxygen." Just so you know, they HAVE spectrum. They horde spectrum. What they don't do is deploy it until they feel like it.

CTIA wants another auction. The FCC's "Genachowski touts benefits of voluntary incentive auction where broadcasters and others get a piece of the revenue generated by auctioning off their spectrum."  Have they all forgotten that the radio spectrum is a public asset? That it isn't owned but leased out for use for very specific reasons, like a public radio station, a TV station or cellular data?

More regulations have to come with a $30B auction of the last of the spectrum.  More good would come from making some of it unlicensed or even quasi-licensed like 3650 MHz.

You look at the spectrum out there right now - like T-Mobile's AWS, VZW's 700 MHz, Aloha Networks' 700 MHz that Ma Bell bought, Qualcomm's 700 MHz that Ma Bell wants, Clearwire's 2.5 GHz, and LightSquared owns 70 MHz of spectrum in the 1.x GHz range. "However, only 13MHz of the spectrum is dedicated for terrestrial services.  However, as a part of an agreement with the FCC, LightSquared can use all of its spectrum for LTE services, if the devices employed can also connect to the satellite network.  Harbinger also insisted on a provision governing access.  The FCC requires SkyTerra to gain approval if it wishes to lease more than 25% of its spectrum to Verizon or AT&T," according to Instat.  That's a lot of spectrum out there before you even get to White Spaces. And let's remember something significant: Much of this spectrum is NOT deployed.

The Big 3 CEO's sitting on the CTIA dias with Julius asking for more spectrum is like the fat prep school boys letting their ice cream cones melt over their hands while crying for more ice cream.

Here's a Wireless ISP's view of the Airwaves.

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