One Quick Note About Cloud

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One Quick Note About Cloud

I keep reading all these projections for Cloud and I have to wonder: Has everyone forgotten that a good portion of this used to be Hosting? Shared Hosting; Managed Hosting; Dedicated Server; Collocation; Digital Hands. This isn't new. Plus it isn't like RackSpace doesn't door knock to see if a business has a server to move to their data center. So there is going to be plenty of growth in Cloud.

Remember that SAAS is everywhere; best example is email. It's QuickBooks online. It's e-filing to state and federal apps. Everywhere. We just never called it that before.

Stephanie Mosca wrote an article today about the growth of enterprise mobility and many other segments like all kinds of conferencing, cloud comm and collab (UC 2). Of course, there is growth in these sectors because a couple of years ago, sales were slim to none. So I get the media buzz about the growth, but let's keep in mind that 35% of $1 million in sales isn't moving the multi-trillion dollar IT or telco needle much.

But all this media buzz and ground breaking growth means get onboard NOW! Learn as much as you can and look for opportunities. This segment will only grow.

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