Some Good Books

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Some Good Books

I like to read mysteries to give my brain a rest. My favorite writers include Barry Eisler, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Randy Wayne White, Jack Higgins, Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Parker (passed away), Stephen Cannell (passed away), Michael Connelly, and Steven Brust.

The rest of the time I am reading blogs, articles, magazines, analysis, SEC filings and business books and writing.


Here are books I thought were good:

  • Crush It or Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk;
  • Referral Engine by the Duct Tap edude, John Jantsch; 
  • Poke the Box by Seth Godin via the Domino Project (ebook or mp3 only);
  • Hub Mentality by Carl Woolston (thanks Greg Nielsen!);
  • Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod is AWESOME. It's a lot like Linchpin by Seth Godin; 
  • The Mesh by Lisa Gansky (Thanks to Seth for sending me this!)
  • Rework by Jason Fried of 37signals;
  • Your Business Brickyard by Howard Mann;
  • Tom Peters RE-IMAGINE (video);
  • LIT BUILDINGS by Peter Radizeski.

I think if you aren't reading, you aren't learning. And there is a lot to learn to keep ahead of the competition.

If you have any good books, drop a comment and let us know. 

P.S. I guess it's time to get a Kindle since so many authors are going e-book only. is my publisher and they just announced that they will be putting my books in an e-book format. SWEET!!

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