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Crazy News Tidbits

"The U.S. Postal Service continues to hemorrhage money, posting a net loss of $747 million in April, and an accumulated net loss of $3.3 billion in the first seven months of its fiscal year." [BtoB] That's crazy! It is time to privatize the USPS and maybe people have to go pickup their own mail.

This guy was so mad at TW Cable that he took out full page ads to yell at them! See here.

Sprint and Best Buy have buy-back programs. eCycling. To be Green, It's nice, but I have a feeling when people see how little they will get paid for the gadget, they will be so mad that they just throw them out and contaminate the landfill. The messaging has to change to something akin to: here's a stipend to help you do the responsible thing.

A thought occurred to me today as I was thinking about all the telcom mergers. Who pays for all the investigation and scrutiny for mergers? Every state PSC has to approve a telecom merger plus the DOJ and the FCC. Who pays for all that time and effort? Taxpayers. Hmmm.

Remember I mentioned a $6B break-up fee for the T-T merger? And how it would be cheaper to spend a billion on lobbyists and campaign contributions? Well, one domino fell: Rep Rick Boucher (D-VA joined the Internet Innovation Alliance, an AT&T-backed advocacy group that is working to promote the merger.

While one FCC Commish jumps to Comcast, Bloomberg is complaining that Comcast has already broken merger conditions. [

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