Tele-Pacific Buys into Hosted

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Tele-Pacific Buys into Hosted

Tele-Pacific is buying its way into Hosted PBX with its acquisition of Telekenex. TelePacific will gain approximately 1,000 business customers and 122 employees along with the hosted PBX platform. Tele-Pacific will run Telekenex as a separate channel, which is a good thing.

This is a good move for Tele-Pacific as it continues to dominate its region with more services plus another data center. It also gains a nationwide MPLS backbone and a fiber network in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay area.

Some telcos think they have to get into Cloud, so they are buying Savvis, Terremark and data centers. Other telcos realize that cablecos have a leg up on Hosted VoIP services, so they have to consider whether to jump in that pond. Some have, like XO and now Tele-Pacific. Still others, like MegaPath, realize that just selling Layer 2 and Layer 3 won't cut it long term, so they need to look more like an MSP (managed services provider). Tele-Pacific gets a data center, fiber, a Hosted PBX platform, customers and managed services - as well as talent to pull it off.

Since Tele-Pacific is so channel friendly, hopefully agents will get to make money from the new services division.

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